Pancakes and Cupcakes and Ice cream, oh my!

Week two sugar free has been a busy one…
Cravings stepped up a notch this week and I found that my normal sugar  binge times I was really feeling like something sweet to eat.
I have also found that I am hungry all the time and even when I eat until I am full I still feel hungry, I put this down to my brain trying to get me to eat sugar, but it’s not working.
Week two has gone past incident free!
I am still allowing myself some fruit each day, but sticking to the less sugary ones like Kiwi’s and berries… the only one higher on the list of sugar is watermelon, which is the kids fav and I have been sneaking pieces as I cut it up for them!

So in order to satisfy my cravings and my aversions to eating pies and sausages without sauce I have been busy cooking this week.
I have made sugar free tomato sauce, I started finding the ketchup I made last week a bit to herby to use all the time and think it will make a better pizza base. This one is a lot more basic and works perfectly for sausages, sausage rolls, pies etc. and will definitely be taking a small tub of it with me to my Cup Day BBQ tomorrow!

Home made sugar free tomato sauce

On Friday night we were off to the in laws for dinner which is one of the dinners at which I usually enjoy a sugar fuelled dessert (usually some variety of cake or pudding with ice cream), so instead I decided I would BYO and attempted my first batch of sugar free cupcakes with chocolate glaze for icing.

Sugar free cupcakes with Chocolate glaze…yum!

These were an absolute hit! Everyone wanted to try them and all of the comments were positive, and best of all the kids gobbled them up hardly taking the time to breath in between bites!
They are great cupcakes, sweet enough (although 2 weeks without sugar probably means they are sweeter to me then most people), but definitely not sickly.

Finally I decided to try my hand at some sugar free ice cream. I borrowed an ice cream maker for my first batch to make sure it didn’t go icy. It turned out really well, I went a little overboard with the vanilla essence, probably need to halve that next time, but it is still very yummy and went perfectly on pancakes with some fresh strawberries for breakie! Once again this was a massive winner with the small people in the house!

Pancakes with ice cream and strawberries!

A few other interesting things to note is that I have been thirsty, like really really thirsty… not sure what that is about but my goggling tells me that it’s pretty normal.
I have also noticed that my skin is looking a bit healtheir, my face a bit brighter and my legs in particular a lot less dry (I am sure this is helped by the increase in water I am drinking).

Weight loss has been smaller this week, a couple of hundred grams, I put this down to the constant hunger feeling and my eating anything in sight that doesn’t contain sugar… hopefully this week will see that calm down a little bit.

To follow along in between posts like ‘Mummy by any other name’ on Facebook!

Hfrankie 🙂
P.S: For anyone who is interested, the recipes for the sugar free cupcakes, ice cream and tomato sauce can be found in David Gillespie’s ‘The Sweet Poison Quit Plan’ 


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